Special Thanks to the Team at iPad Air Accessories

We recently had an issue occur with our company iPad Air tablets, and we’d just like to thank the team over at ipadairaccessories.com for helping us big time in finding the best cases and accessories for our new tablets.  We needed quick access to rugged cases and extra chargers because we absolutely could not run the risk of having our tablets become damaged or run out of charge while we traveled across the country interviewing and spreading the word.

If you were wondering about how we’ve been enjoying our iPad Airs so far, we’d like to let you know they’ve been running absolutely great.  We ordered 20 chargers that included a breakaway USB cable as well as 50 Otterbox cases which are the big ones but needed in case we drop them.

You’ll be able to catch the team from iPad Air Accessories at our next event, so stay tuned for more information!

Thanks for Making Everything a Success!

Thank you to all the vendors who participated in our last event for home and consumer electronics.  We will be keeping you all up to date shortly on our plans for our next event.

If you’d like a more detailed report of attendance, please use the Vendor Inquiry form and request it be forwarded to Richard S.

You can also use the form for other inquiries regarding the next event.  For any sorts of refunds, it can also be used, just make it ATTN: to Kimberly H.

Thanks again everyone!